on 15 May 2014
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A Saudi man, who wishes to stay nameless, has install a refrigerator before his house for providing the fresh food items to the people in need.

 He welcomed his neighbors in the city of Hail to bring their remains for offering. 

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on 11 May 2014
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The country is a better place for mothers than neighbouring India and Pakistan.

A new Save the Children report on state of mothers’ put Bangladesh at 130th out of 178 countries globally, seven notches up from India and 17 from Pakistan, a toughest place for mother in South Asia.

Bangladesh itself climbed six points up than the last year in the report that also focused on the humanitarian crises particularly in disaster and conflict situation when women and children suffer most.

Finland is the best place for a mother while Somalia is the worst, according to the report.

on 06 May 2014
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Eighty-eight-year old Flo Silva of New Hampshire on Saturday crossed off another activity on her bucket list, being a race car driver.

Silva wants to encounter everything the worlds brings to the table. While some individuals sit in front of the TV or play cards in their senior years, Flo Silva is grabbing all the energy she can. Silva has zip-lined, plane skied, flown a helicopter, went on a hot-air blow up ride and has gone ski tubing — and has all the pictures to demonstrate.

On Saturday she suited up to ride in a race auto going 130 miles per hour.

on 02 May 2014
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Delores Dennison never went to her secondary school prom.

Her grandson Austin, student at Rockford,Ohio who discovered that his incredible grandma had not gone to the prom when she was in secondary school, he ask her if she would be his prom date. “At first she was a bit resistant,” Austin said. Austin assured her that he is serious and she finally said yes. Austin Dennison first took Delores Dennison, 89, for supper at Bob Evans (her most loved restaurant) and after that the two took the dance floor.

Their slow dancing video has gotten national attention.

on 30 April 2014
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The British swimmer Adam Walker is turn into the first man to finish the Ocean's Seven.

Walker was partially through his 25-kilometer trek across New Zealand's Cook Strait a week ago. when case of dolphins appeared to secure him from the incredible white shark swimming beneath. 

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on 23 April 2014
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When faced with setbacks and challenges, we are advised to “stay positive.”

Being expressing gratitude should be treated as an important part because appreciation contributes to our genuine happiness. It helps you to be more positive, optimistic, hopeful, peaceful, and grounded, especially during hard situations.

When times are tough, or if you are

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