Dolphins Protect Long-Distance Swimmer from Great White Shark

14. 04. 30
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The British swimmer Adam Walker is turn into the first man to finish the Ocean's Seven.

Walker was partially through his 25-kilometer trek across New Zealand's Cook Strait a week ago. when case of dolphins appeared to secure him from the incredible white shark swimming beneath. 

Walker was swimming the pretty nearly 16-mile long Cook Strait when he detected the shark swimming underneath him. 

At the same time, Walker said, about 10 dolphins encompassed him and stayed with him for 60 minutes, apparently serving as his defenders. Walker composed on his Facebook page. "This swim will stay with me forever." A swim mentor, Walker is handling the hardest 7 oceans on the planet, "the Oceans Seven" to raise fund and consciousness for Stop Whaling. He is set to be the first British individual to finish the Oceans Seven.

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